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Customized Classes

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We offer books for different learning levels, supplementary exercise workbooks, audio CDs and an online supplemental exercise program with audio exercises for you to practice when, where, and for however long you like.  You may choose the basic, student book only program, or take advantage of our specialized study aids to make your learning even easier and faster.  The online program, in particular, will allow you to listen to dialogues and pronunciation, while at the same time strengthen your reading and writing skills.

Private Classes
-In a private class you don't share your time with anyone, you put into practice right away what you have learned and you move at your own pace.  This is the choice for persons who want to learn a language in the shortest amount of time.

Semi-Private Classes
-You learn with a friend, family member or co-worker and share costs.  You will also be engaging conversation in your new language.

Group Classes
-Groups are organized to match people of similar skill levels.  The group approach is an enjoyable, interactive way for you to learn with other people.  It's both Fun and Economical and normally involves between 4-6 students.


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