Making Language Learning Fun and Easy!

Our Method

Language Centers West – Introducing you to the rest of the world.


Our classes are conducted by native speaking teachers, directly in the target language for faster, and more efficient learning.  You'll begin speaking your new language right from the first lesson and you will start thinking directly in the target language.  The best way to learn to speak a language is by speaking it.  It is impossible to memorize a number of sentences and phrases and actually use them in a free flowing conversation.  Our method increases the amount of student talking time and decreases the amount of teacher talking time and encourages the student to play a creative role in the learning process and to experiment with sentence structure and vocabulary.  You will then assimilate all the grammatical structures and vocabulary needed to speak your new language
      Our primary goal is to
enable you to speak and understand as effectively as possible in your new language and to communicate with ease whether over the phone or in person, whether in a social or business setting, whether at home or abroad.
     Our student books, supplemental exercise books, CDs and online supplemental programs help to
make your language learning experience pleasant, interesting, and most of all effective.


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