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What our students are saying about Language Centers West…


I am currently attending classes at Language Centers West and I am finding the classes very helpful. My instructor is a knowledgeable native speaker and the classes are paced as needed. The class size is ideal (4 students in my class) which allows for the perfect balance between interactions and one-on-one feedback. I am very happy with the training and excited to take my knowledge of Spanish to the next level. I strongly recommend this school!

Jeff B,

Phoenix AZ


"I am studying the Italian language with Anna Maria for the second year. Anna Maria makes the learning process very enjoyable by creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in the classroom. She encourages discussion and communication in the learning process which I found to be very helpful for those wanting to speak a foreign language."

                                                                                            ~Larisa Boulais


"AnnaMaria Tofani is a very good teacher with a relaxed style and method of teaching Italian.  She requires that students interact with each other, thereby practicing skills in thinking, speaking and listening too.

AnnaMaria is always smiling and calm and it is very obvious that she enjoys teaching and interacting with her students.  This translates to a relaxed atmosphere most conducive to learning for her students. Her wonderful sense of humor is always a bonus!"
                                                                                               ~Teresa Sinatra


"I have been trying to learn Italian now for about 15 years off and on. My experience with Language Centers West, and more specifically with my teacher, Anna Maria Tofani, has been very rewarding and exciting.  She genuinely loves teaching and it shows in her dedication to her profession and to her students.  I am very fortunate to have Anna Maria as my Italian teacher.  Their Program allows me to work at my own pace; challenges me; and at the same time I have fun learning the language.  Our one on one house visits enhance my learning experience and allows me to have a conversation with her in Italian, as elementary as it now is.  I will continue with their program and look forward to traveling to Italy in the near future and be able to speak with the people who live there."

                                                                                         ~Marie Paciaroni


"Arlena, my Spanish teacher, is wonderful!  She pinpointed exactly how to help me improve what I know and add to it at the same time." 



"Cara Anna Maria,

We returned from Milan last night.  What a great 2 weeks in Italy! 

I wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful instructor!  Italians asked me where I had learned Italian, and of course, I told them all about you!

I found what I had studied to be most helpful.  I could understand surprisingly well, and respond.

We were in Rome for 4 days….awesome!  Montalcino for 1 night, our house for 3 nights (with sporadic electricity….that's another story in itself!), Portovenere, Lucca and Milan.


Ciao….see you soon,"



"We have thoroughly enjoyed the class with Sra. Virginia Adams.  We specially liked the way the class was individualized to meet our particular needs.  We found the proficiency of the professor to be excellent and she was well informed in her field.  We were able to accomplish all and more of what we had hoped for.  We can recommend this program and Sra. Adams as professor for anyone who needs to quickly develop proficiency in speaking Spanish."

                                                                                     ~Elaine and Charles Cundiff


Anna Maria, I started using the online program about a week ago and it's helped me tremendously.  I can do the exercises over and over and repetition is making my language learning easy and it's becoming second nature now.  Thanks so much for recommending it even though I was skeptical at first.

Thanks again,                                                               -James J.


My English teacher Joe is a very good teacher.  He is very patient and I learned a lot.  He helped me improve my past tense and my vocabulary.  I feel much more confident when I speak English now.

                                                                                                                 -Yolanda C.



Taking Italian was a lot of fun and interesting! Our instructor, Anna Maria Tofani, was helpful and made learning easy.  She went at a pace the class dictated and was happy to spend time reviewing material to make sure we really understood it before moving forward.  Learning another language is not an easy task yet Anna Maria broke it down to a simplistic level making me feel good about what we covered at each session.  She gave great advice on how to practice by using the skills in everyday situations so that the information stays fresh. I would recommend her class to anyone interested in learning this beautiful language!
Thank you so much!




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